Welcome in the WINK UNIVERSE

WINK is the first Web3 social network content creators driven with AI contents protection, Creators NFT marketplace, 3D Avatars, Live Streaming, Play2Earn, cooperative tools and a fully automated payment system.
Providing real value to the end users offering a 360° solution WINK devolves 100% of the income in Buybacks, Liquidity, Development, Marketing and Rewards making WINK token fully sustainable and deflactive.
Our philosophy is to grow an healthy community, attract creators, brands and companies, give them a powerful instrument to manage every aspect of their image seamless protecting them by risks currently affect other platforms.
The project goal is to become the first Web3 project that bring users from Web2 to Web3 in a smooth way offering a familiar instrument and let them understand in safety how to move in Web3, leading to an effective mass adoption.
Last modified 1mo ago