In the past two decades, we have experienced an upheaval in our habits and the way we understand communication due to the advent of Smartphones and Social Platforms that have finalized the process of Globalization bringing the estimated number of users to 4.70 BILLION people, 75.5% of the total population over the age of 13 and 93.6% of the total population who have access to the Internet.

Although the mass adoption of these tools is indisputable there are several critical issues on: - Treatment of personal data - Censorship - Account bans - Control of user content - Lack of transparency - Centralized decision-making power - Creators cashout in the hands of proprietary company - Spam - Fake accounts - No quality parameters for profiles and communities - Account theft - Theft of payment data - Theft of sensitive data If these problems are not handled, we can undoubtedly expect progress from a technological point of view but not a human one.

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