WINK was created in response to the major Social Networks problems with the aim of revolutionizing the current conception of:
  • contents
  • information
  • communications
  • finance
This by creating a new standard where those who support the community in a constructive way will be able to be appreciated and rewarded for this by becoming themselves one of the pillars on which this world stands. On the other hand, those who have conduct tending to harm others will be restricted and prevented from continuing. WINK is an evolved version of social media and streaming platforms as we know them today with a totally automated and transparent financial system at its base managed by smart contracts and oracles. The end result will be a social network 3.0 in the hands of the community, initially the Team will develop the design and technology, then gradually and increasingly the community itself will determine its own development making WINK a de facto intelligent organism capable of self-improvement for the benefit of all. WINK will act as a bridge between the traditional and cryptocurrency worlds by giving everyone the tools and easy access to the industry, accompanying even novice users to take advantage of the ecosystem and other Web3 applications in a secure way.