WINK's financial strategy consists of automatically reinvesting its Platform revenues from Creators and Brands sales, WINK sales, advertisement, NFT royalties, etc., into its ecosystem, granting continuous buying pressure and community rewards.

Transfers between users and purchases can be made in $WINK and STABLECOINS at the user's convenience; to make on-chain operations like Token Claims, Farming, Staking, NFT Staking, NFT transactions, Lending, Borrowing an account is not required, users can connect to to make it freely as its a pure dApp.

If you want to purchase a GATE subscription (Content Creator limited access section), products into the shop, Live events tickets, Send tips on Live Streams, Advertise, make transfers into Play2Earn, purchase avatars and glamours, etc. You must access by creating an account and using on-chain tokens to purchase SHARDS (WINK off-chain tokens).


SHARDS are internal tokens usable only in the WINK UNIVERSE. This solution allows the transfer of funds to be instant, priceless, and seamless. The user doesn’t need to connect to the Web3 wallet to spend SHARDS.

You can purchase it by spending $WINK, STABLECOINS, or FIAT currencies through Enabled Payment Gateways.

Every token corresponds to 100 Shards; for example, 1 $WINK = 100 WINK Shards, 1 $USDT = 100 ShUSDT.

You can use Shards to claim their respective tokens; claimed tokens will be sent to your connected wallet. You can use it to purchase into the platform or send it to other users (with 0 fees) seamlessly into the IOS/Android application (useful for fast tipping during live streams)

The only charge applies when you purchase SHARDS with tokens; the basic charge is 30%, so if you spend 100 $ USDT, you’ll get 70000 ShUSDT.

The % charged lowers to less than 10% based on your User Level (obtainable through Task System). Using the platform, inviting people, and supporting WINK will lower your fees.

This is an important profit stream for the WINK ecosystem that grants its sustainability over time. Also, WINK doesn’t apply other charges to users, content creators, or brands.

TOKEN / SHARD equilibrium

When users purchase SHARDS, the respective Claimable amount in tokens is sent to the SHARD POOL. Then, the SHARD POOL regularly drops tokens to the CLAIM POOL to let you spend your SHARDS to claim respective tokens at a 1:1 rate.

The SHARD POOL can’t become illiquid because, to claim tokens, users have to spend their SHARDS because more SHARDS in circulation means more tokens in the SHARD POOL.

This measure is made to avoid a SHARD POOL drain due to any potential system vulnerability; this way, in a limit case, if an attacker manipulates its SHARD counter, we can recognize the anomaly in time, limiting the maximum SHARD POOL exposure at the CLAIM POOL size (1% of total SHARD POOL).

If the SHARD POOL contains 10 $Million in funds, the CLAIM POOL contains only $100K, and it’s filled regularly to let users claim. In case of an attack, we can intercept the anomaly and fix it without compromising SHARD POOL and users.


$WINK profits will be all sent to the SPLITTER fund; then, it will regularly send a % of the total $WINK in different treasuries and contracts.

REWARDS POOL: WINKER, AMBASSADOR, CREATOR, and MOD rewards will be sent into the PRIZE treasury. Users will receive SHARDS and can claim tokens with them; more details will be explained in the dedicated article.

FINANCE contracts: FARMING, STAKING, NFT STAKING, rewards will be sent into their respective contracts and summed to the current reward pools, increasing investors' rewards regularly.

EXPENSES will be sent to the EXPENSES FUND like STABLECOINS, but these tokens will not be spent if not strictly necessary; they will instead be used as a guarantee into our Lending Protocol to borrow a low % in STABLECOINS, improving the company liquid funds without selling any token.


Profits made in STABLECOINS are split between the BUYBACK FUND and the EXPENSES FUND.

The company will use the EXPENSES FUND to cover infrastructure costs: Employees, Servers, Storage, Licenses, Offices, etc.

The BUYBACK FUND will automatically spend a % of the FUND Stablecoins to purchase $WINK (consequently creating continuous buying pressure from revenues). The purchased $WINK will be automatically sent to the REWARDS POOL and the FINANCIAL SPLITTER.


26.7% of the $WINK supply, corresponding to 267 Million tokens, is added to profit streams to grant interesting revenue for the investors and the community since TGE.

This amount of tokens, reserved for the ECOSYSTEM, will be distributed during the following 4 years between the REWARDS POOL and the FINANCE contracts. EXPENSES are excluded.

The distribution is balanced between the blockchains where $WINK is listed proportioned in the base of total tokens allocated on any chain.


SHARD purchases and a part of the ECOSYSTEM POOL are reserved to send Rewards to:

WINKERS: Users who get enough Points in the TASK SYSTEM to reach the WINKER RANK will receive SHARDS proportionally to their current points value.

CREATORS: Verified Content Creators, rewards calculation is based on the views and other interactions with their contents.

AMBASSADORS: Content Creators who fulfill and keep certain criteria will get bonus rewards based on CREATOR TASK SYSTEM points.

MODERATORS: Users who successfully applied to moderate the WINK platform will be rewarded based on their moderating activities and Rank.

Rewards will be sent in SHARDS and users can use it to Claim into the CLAIM POOL.

Based on the WINK REWARDS strategy, other categories, like Challenge winners, will be added during time.

*More TASK SYSTEM details will be shared in a dedicated article.


FINANCE contracts: FARMING, STAKING, NFT STAKING, rewards will be sent into their respective contracts and summed to the current reward pools, increasing investors’ rewards regularly.


SHARDS are Blockchain Agnostic, which means every supported blockchain can be used to purchase SHARDS, and another chain can be used to claim respective tokens spending those SHARDS.


  1. User 1 purchases 10.000 ShWINK, spending $WINK on Polygon Chain.

  2. Then he spends 3.000 ShWINK to purchase a Content Creator Subscription.

  3. The Content Creator can claim 30 $WINK on the Ethereum chain by spending those 3.000 ShWINK.

WINK will manage SHARD POOLS and CLAIM POOLS deposits based on CLAIM requests to grant Tokens available for Claims on every supported chain.


WINK financial system will be expanded with the Lending Protocol, new classes of SHARDS with specific uses, Multichain router integration, Wallets, and much more.

With the SHARD SYSTEM, we aim to let Web2 users enjoy a smooth experience, granting, in the meantime, pure Web3 tools to experienced users.

NFTs and NFT Marketplace are related to this evolving system.

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